30 X 40
The views of Tuscan farms and the fields surrounding them are lovely and comforting to look at. The structure of the buildings are held securely in place by years of repetitive planting and cultivation. The olive trees and the grapes and the fallow fields are all at rest. Only the cypress are wild and wonderful.

There is nothing so reminiscent of a patchwork quilt as the tuscan landscape. This particular quilt has the added quality of being made up of fabrics that appear in all those wonderful renaissance portraits – velvets and striped silks and tasseled hats in wonderful rich colors that shouldn’t go together, but do. I have done several tuscan quilt images over the years, but this is the only one in which I drew a parallel to the textiles used in its construction.

I really do love the timeless quality of the Tuscan landscape, and this image in particular reiterates the age of the land, and the comfort of being enveloped in the fabric stitched by generations of care.